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Step into the world of organic beauty with Laura Rudoe, the visionary founder behind Evolve Organic Beauty. From childhood, Laura’s fascination with natural remedies and her grandmother’s traditional skincare recipes sparked a lifelong passion for harnessing the power of nature.

In 2009, Laura transformed her passion into reality by launching Evolve Organic Beauty. With a mission to create affordable, sensorial products that prioritise effectiveness, while remaining gentle on both your skin and the planet, Laura revolutionised the organic beauty industry.

Joined on a panel by Paige Tracey, Business Development Manager at Soil Association Beauty, Sian Louise, Founder of Obvs Skincare, and Galina Achkasova-Portianoi, Beauty Journalist – don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s leading experts and unlock the beauty of nature by transitioning to organic skincare.

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